SEGD Boston: Placemaking

Identity for an SEGD conference in Boston focused on placemaking, a community-centered urban design practice about transforming public spaces to strengthen their connections with people.

My design system includes a custom type specimen and spans both print and environmental graphics with the goal of communicating the creative and collaborative nature of placemaking.
Format: Signage, Posters, Merchandise
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop
Skills: Visual Design, Environmental Graphics

Exterior Signage

Bus posters and banners advertising the conference. Modular forms are used to construct images and floor plans representing different interpretations of placemaking.

Interior Wayfinding

Floor decals and rollup banners to aid with navigation in an open convention space.


Stickers and wristbands given out to attendees of the conference.

Visual System

I drew inspiration from nature and children’s toys to build a creative and uplifting identity system. The base consists of a custom type specimen made from modular parts. Secondary typeface and iconography decisions all flowed from the spark in this initial specimen.


Working on this project was an interesting learning experience because I was able to try a form-first approach to design, as well as experiment with modular systems. I found that focusing on the form helped me get out my ideas quickly and think more critically about the meaning connoted by those forms.

I enjoyed working with a modular design system because it gave me a lot of freedom to experiment while providing enough structure to keep my materials cohesive. Moving forward, I’d like to try building an identity around other kinds of components, such as photography and textures.

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